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The answer to American Football for the rest of the world, Rugby, is a rough sport not for the faint of heart. This sport is popular across the globe with teams from almost every corner of the world competing in a variety of tournaments and events.

Online Rugby wagering at sports betting parlours becomes more and more popular everyday thanks to the easy wagering it makes possible. With all the tips and information sports betting sites provide, you don’t have to be an expert on Rugby to be able to enjoy wagering on it.

The Main Events

There are a few key Rugby competitions that feature international teams competing against each other, as well as a few noteworthy regional tournaments. The beauty of online sports betting is that you will be able to bet on all these major events and depending on the bookmaker, many smaller events as well.

The biggest event in Rugby is of course the 16 nation World Cup. This is where the best of the best meet in head to head matches to determine who can call themselves the finest team in the world.

Luckily this tournament only takes place every 4 years otherwise players and fans will never be able to take the strain of this epic event. Other than this there are the 6 Nations, the Top 14, the European Championships Cup and the Aviva Premiership.

Smaller Leagues And Tournaments

There are also many smaller events where players can have a lot of fun with wagers. These events usually feature fewer competing teams and also fewer players on each team.

This is especially noticeable in the Rugby Sevens league. This is where teams of 7 players compete in shorter games. This fast paced event has become very popular with online bookmakers.

The Rugby Championship event condenses the teams to 4 of the best nations, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Italy. This is a gruelling tournament with where New Zealand leads the pack with 13 tournament wins.

Another popular event is Super Rugby. This event features 18 regional teams from 5 countries competing for gold. This event is split into stages spread from February until the month of August.

Get Playing Online

The Rugby culture goes hand in hand with social gatherings and having a few drinks with friends. You may think that this is hard to translate to the online sports betting environment, but you will be wrong!

Many gambling sites have a great community where you can chat with other players and watch live matches.

If that doesn’t convince you to try online Rugby betting, remember that many sites offer players mobile sports betting. You can make wagers on matches anywhere you are with your mobile phone.

This means that you can join your mates at the pub or at a barbeque and whip out your phone to make a few bets before the game starts. Managing your bets and staying up to date with results and statistics is made simple by the best sites who offer you a clear layout of your wager activity. If you get stuck at any point, sports betting sites feature great customer support staff that can help with any and all queries.