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The rise of the internet in the 1990s was one of the Twentieth Century’s great watershed moments. It has made neighbours of far-flung corners of the earth, increased our means of communicating with one another and conducting business, and put almost the collective knowledge of humanity at the fingertips of anyone who has, at the very least, a web-enabled smartphone.

Knowledge and information that was previously accessible only to a privileged few is now commonplace or readily available, including governmental and corporate documents and communications that some would rather weren’t so available. The web and the many tools used to access it have also changed the way we consume news. Before the internet, smartphones and apps, most people relied on local TV and radio stations, as well as local print media for news domestic and international.

If we were lucky, we had access to foreign print and broadcast media, enabling us to flesh out the often scant reports on international affairs by local news houses. Now, you could find out what the weather’s like in Paris that morning, or follow breaking news as it happens, thanks to around the clock news updates. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as blogging sites, have also seen the rise of citizen journalism. Here, ordinary people offer often incredible eyewitness accounts of newsworthy events, simply by posting a tweet or a photo, and using a hashtag to draw attention to the post.

Information is not the only thing the internet has given more freedom to. Other examples are shopping options, and and games of chance. A number of sites powered by reputable bookmakers give punters the chance to bet New Zealand Dollars on sports matches and events being played locally or internationally. This means that something that could only be enjoyed after a usually inconvenient visit to the local bookmaker can now be enjoyed wherever you can conveniently use a laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet with an active internet connection.

By funding a punter account using any one of a range of accepted online and mobile banking methods, you will be able to bet on markets such as rugby, tennis, boxing, cricket, golf, auto racing, horse racing, greyhound racing, online blackjack real money Canada and more whenever you feel like it.

If punters feel like betting on something completely different, speciality markets provide interesting betting options on markets as diverse as reality TV show contestants, presidential elections, and financial markets. Online betting offers a great way to inject intense excitement into watching sports matches, races, and events. The excitement that comes from watching your favourite team thrash their opponents is nothing compared to the thrill of watching your team do that when you’ve got money riding on them. It also provides people with a chance to interact with fellow sports fans from across the country and from different parts of the world.

All this and more is literally a click of a button away. Don’t let life pass you by. Use the technology at hand to your advantage today.