Shoot 4 Gold Online Casino ScratchcardsShoot 4 Gold Online Casino Scratchcards


Created by Net Entertainment, the Shoot 4 Gold game card was designed to resemble a shooting gallery of the kind found at fun fairs across the USA.

The old-school charm of shooting to win in a fairground stall setting is now combined with the latest in online casino scratch card software developed by NetEnt, a leading casino software brand.

Game Tutorial

Click the Buy Game button, pay the two-dollar price for a Shoot 4 Gold game card, and then select one of the three telescopic sights available. Eight little yellow ducks will appear in two lines of quaintly animated blue water. The ducks will be in continuous motion, gently drifting and bobbing across the water. This is where the telescopic cross hairs on the scope come in handy for tracking the moving targets and shooting accurately.

When you hit a duck, it either turns black or it exposes a previously hidden gold star. You have six shots available to use, so you can only select and shoot six ducks while on the hunt for the much-coveted gold stars.

Only if three gold stars have been revealed in a Shoot 4 Gold card game is it considered a win. If you continue play by shooting ducks and keep trying for the 3 gold stars, this increases your chances of winning a big payout.

You can click the Auto Shoot option to have six random ducks shot instead.

Easy Settings and a Simple Interface

The fairground graphics and fun features offered in a Shoot 4 Gold game make playing a more enjoyable experience.

You can use the Volume icon to adjust the sound level or turn it off. The Question Mark icon provides access to the rules of play for Shoot 4 Gold card play, as well as a game history of your previous Shoot 4 Gold games. (This does not include a history of demo or practice play.) The button accessing three different telescopic sights is clustered with these buttons at the bottom of the Shoot 4 Gold game window.

You can access information regarding the payout table by clicking Paytable. casino players can also keep checking the randomised payout amounts being offered by clicking Pay Amount.

A handy tally on the left hand side of the Shoot 4 Gold game screen keeps track of the number of shots still available while shooting at ducks, and also of how many gold stars must still be acquired in order to win.

Instant Access To Play Shoot 4 Gold

Access is instant – you can play Shoot 4 Gold online any time, anywhere. You can play using a download, or you can go online and play directly in your web browser. The Shoot 4 Gold game card software is compatible with most current models of tablets and mobile devices.

Jackpot Luck

There is a top payout amount of $50,000. The pay amount to win is offered randomly, so players need to carry on shooting to have the best possible chance of winning big when playing for real money.