Rifon Darzano Casino and Betting Casino Know Online Casino Layout Logic In Detail

Know Online Casino Layout Logic In DetailKnow Online Casino Layout Logic In Detail


When something as important as the layout of an online casino is decided, you can be sure that a lot of time and effort goes into the choices made. Website design is, of course, no easy or small task, and highly trained professionals spend many years perfecting ideal website homepages.

Casino websites want visitors to not only feel as comfortable as possible, but also to be able navigate to the area of the website desired as quickly possible. And this functionality must also, naturally, also look ascetically pleasing to the eye. Let’s take a look at how online casino websites achieve this essential blend.

Navigation And Functionality

Interestingly, few visitors put much real though into how a homepage has been designed, especially when using it and everything works well. But, put a visitor in a badly designed homepage design, and they will quickly be put off and go somewhere else. But what exactly makes navigation seamless on a website homepage?

Upon arriving on a homepage, the first thing that should catch the visitor’s eye should be the navigational tabs, located at the top of the page. These large, easily spotted tabs should give instant access to all the most commonly visited areas of the website. In the case of an online casino, these tabs will almost certainly consist of; instant play, real money play, free play, table games, and slot games. The “instant play” tab should drop the player directly into a popular slot game, without any unnecessary steps after that single click. One of the most important aspects of functionality a modern website is designed, after all, on is how many clicks it takes for an impatient user to be playing a game.

Above the main navigational tabs the option to log into an account, or create a new account should be prominently displayed. And, if the user is logged into an account, it should be made clear by displaying the user’s name.

Visual Design

Visual design on modern websites is a tricky business, since developers must be concerned with the fact that not everyone is viewing the website on the same screen. Or, to be more specific, the same size screen. What looks good on a large PC monitor may not look so great on a small phone screen. To this end, most website homepages have two separate designs; one for a PC, and one for a mobile device.

Crazy Luck casino website developers must also strike a balance between a homepage being inviting and interesting, but not overly striking to the point it offends the eye. How developers go about this is a matter of artistic talent, but needless to say the best websites will often go unnoticed, since they are doing exactly what they are supposed to;  function perfectly without being distracting.

Speed And Performance

Another aspect often overlooked is how quickly a website loads. Not every visitor has the same speed internet, and how long it takes before a website is usable may vary greatly, especially depending on the quality of images used. Again, the best websites will have loaded before the visitor even has time to think about it, regardless of the internet speed being used.