Here's How the Online Betting Industry Affected Land-based Sportsbooks

Here’s How the Online Betting Industry Affected Land-based SportsbooksHere’s How the Online Betting Industry Affected Land-based Sportsbooks


In today’s rapidly fast paced society we find ourselves asking this question with a number of aspects in our lives.

The online world has affected almost everything that we do and it has revolutionised not only the way that we do everyday tasks, but also the way we think about everyday things.

So often we find ourselves in a situation where we are able to make use of an online product to have our everyday tasks as opposed to the traditional methods. So how has this changed the gambling world? This article will dive into the effects that the online betting industry in New Zealand has had on land based sportsbooks.


There is absolutely no doubt that the online world offers more convenience to any gambler in New Zealand, if not the entire globe. This convenience is unrivaled and land based sportsbooks are unable to compete with the online market.

This is not to say that the land based sportsbooks in New Zealand are about to close shop, but instead, that the online market is a worthy competitor to these traditional businesses.

The ease of access and readily available bets have become a norm for Kiwis and the online sportsbooks are growing in popularity due to this convenience.

Wider range of bets

Any land based sportsbook in New Zealand, has a cap on the bets that they can allow, their infrastructure will only reach a certain limit before their bets are at capacity, and whilst the number of bets that can be made in New Zealand is huge, there is no comparison to the amount of bets that can be made online.

Online sports books in New Zealand are not only able to handle more bets than a traditional sportsbook would be able to, but they are also able to provide their gamblers with more choice in the bets that they are able to make.

Kiwis are able to make use of online sports betting sites to make any number of bets that they would like to without having to run back and forth from a traditional sportsbook.

The ease of access has been something that has become more and more important to any gambler to bet on NZ betting sites.

Will traditional sportsbooks close down?

In short, no, traditional sportsbooks in New Zealand have been around for decades and will in all probability continue to thrive for decades more. Gamblers are able to gather in traditional sportsbooks and discuss their bets. In fact, a number of land based sportsbooks will also offer an online counterpart that their gamblers can make use of giving any gambler in New Zealand the best of both worlds.

The truth is that online sportsbooks as well as land based sportsbooks are simple tools that Kiwis can use to win big. Any person in New Zealand and the world who knows how best to utilize the tools that are provided to them will definitely increase their winning potential and allow themselves the possibility to win bigger and better.