Enjoy A Classic Game Of Baccarat OnlineEnjoy A Classic Game Of Baccarat Online


Not only is baccarat by far one of the easiest online casino games to learn and make yourself a master of, it also boasts a very low house edge, making it a far more profitable venture than casino games that either require special knowledge and experience or those that depend on pure luck. It also meets the needs of a wide variety of players, from those who prefer making smaller bets more often to those who like to gamble it all on a single card, and Canadian players are taking full advantage of the increased access online casinos are so happy to provide.

Like most casino games, the version of baccarat we play today has its roots in one that extends far back in history. Taken up as a pastime by the French nobility in the 1400s, the word is the Italian one for zero, also the value of the cards from ten to king when in play.

Popular Baccarat Styles

The most popular forms of online baccarat in Canada are punto banco, chemin de fer and banquet, with the differences between these relying on slightly different ways of dealing the cards. For Canadian players who have never enjoyed a game, there will be a host of free and demo versions for them to take advantage of, as well as online guides to the game that will help them understand how easy it is to play and how best to ensure a win whenever they enjoy it online.

You will need to guess which of the two hands on the table will end up having the higher score, either the banker’s or your own. A tied hand is also an option, and all bets will have to be made before the hands are dealt.

Once your wager has been laid, the dealer will distribute the cards and the scores will be totalled. Ten and face cards are worth nothing, aces receive a point each, and the remainder of the cards in the deck are valued as to their name, with a nine of spades being equal to nine points, a five of hearts valued at five and so on. The total may not exceed nine, and, in the cases of totals exceeding ten, as in the case of two nines being handed to either the banker or player, only the last digit would count. In this case the value would be eight, as nine plus nine would give a total of 18 points. The highest possible score is nine, the lowest zero, and, once the third card has been dealt, the winner will be revealed at once.

Free and Real Money Games

Read the guides available online for your convenience, and make sure you play a free or demo version of the game until you feel confident enough to be able to start placing real money bets. The game has the quick pace that has such a global appeal for online gamblers, and combines this with skill and luck in the way that only casino games that have withstood the test of time do.