Mount Gambier Racetrack In AustraliaMount Gambier Racetrack In Australia


Mount Gambier is a racetrack in Southern Australia set in an area called the Limestone Coast. The area is well known for its interesting topography including a lake that changed colour depending on the season. Mount Gambier Racecourse is an elegant track aimed mostly at young adults and this demographic of racing fans is a fast growing one in Australia. The track hosts a number of events and races, the biggest being the Mount Gambier Gold Cup Carnival in May each year.

Mount Gambier Gold Cup

The Mount Gambier Gold Cup is a series if races held over two days. The races are not group races although some of them are listed. The Cup Carnival is the premier racing event on the Limestone Coast Calendar, attracting local horses and sometimes some national ones. The purse offered for the Cup Carnival is not as big as many other races held in Australia, so it does not attract the big names in Australian racing. That being said, the field for the Gold Cup is usually quite varied in terms of odds and horses.

The Gold Cup is a race that can be bet on online as well as at the actual track. A number of bookies are on site on all race days, but the Gold Cup offers a wider range of both bookies and odds. A separate betting area at the track separates the bookies from the family or public area. eSports betting Australia on the Mount Gambier Gold Cup is also common. A number of sites will offer various odds but bear in mind that because the Mount Gambier Gold Cup is a smaller race, there will not be as many options as with the bigger races. Online betting for races at Mount Gambier outside of the gold cup is scarce.

Provincial Status

Mount Gambier Racecourse gained its provincial status in 2010, allowing the track to host bigger races as well as offer bigger prize money. Along with the new status came more interest in betting at the track since the fields were now of better quality and more varied. Racecourses rely on the public placing bet on the horses as this is what attracts the trainers to run their horses and in turn allows the track to offer prize money which creates great mobile horse betting opportunities.


Mount Gambier Harness Racing

Mount Gambier also has a harness racing track, which is separate from the thoroughbred racing track. The harness racing track plays host to the Mount Gambier Cup, which is one of the main harness races on the calendar. Like the flat thoroughbred racing track, Mount Gambier harness track offers a day out for the family as well as a separate betting area.

Betting on harness racing at Mount Gambier can also be done online via a select number of sites. Online betting is not available all year round, however as the track is not host to big enough races when betting is on offer, its sure to attract avid racing fans who enjoy wagering on all events, big and small .