Rifon Darzano Casino and Betting Casino Double Bonus Poker Multihand by Realtime Gaming

Double Bonus Poker Multihand by Realtime GamingDouble Bonus Poker Multihand by Realtime Gaming


Realtime Gaming, also known as RTG, is an online casino corporation that develops casino software that is based on downloads, licensed by a variety of operators which run their own casino sites powered by RTG. The company was originally established in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America, but it has since moved all of its operations to Costa Rica, and has been operating from Heredia since 2007 – 2008. In 2007 the company was obtained by Hastings International, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, a company that is managed by a corporate service provider known as the HBM Group.

Double Bonus Poker Multihand is difficult to classify –when one takes into consideration that as many as 52 hands can be played at any one time, and that wins which multiply players’ original bets by as much as 4 000 times are available, double seems somewhat like an understatement.

Players are able to lock in their denominations; play up to 52 hands at the same time; throw down their credits and sit back to see what happens. If the maximum bet amount is enabled, the chance to win as much as 4 000 the original bet amount is available, thanks to the payout awarded in this case for a royal flush. Four aces also has an enormous payout if the maximum bet is in operation, a multiplication of 800 times the original bet, and players are able to get straight into the Double Bonus Poker Multihand action thanks to the first-rate bonuses provided by various internet-based casinos.

Double Bonus Poker Multihand Special Features

Some of the special features available for players of Double Bonus Poker Multihand are:

  • The chance to receive as many as 4 000 credits for a single hand
  • The opportunity to play 52 hands at the same time
  • Bet multiplications of extraordinary amounts for certain hands

Gameplay for Double Bonus Poker Multihand

When playing Double Bonus Poker Multihand, players are able to put as many as 52 hands to work in making their money, and will be asked to indicate the amount of hands they would like to play before the game begins. Players will also need to indicate the value that they would like to set for their credits before play commences, and selecting the play button after doing so will have the game begin with these new, personalised amounts reflecting. The bet one button will add one credit to play, and the deal button will have their cards handed out to them. The bet max button will instantaneously add five credits to the players’ bet and the cards will be dealt automatically, with no button-selection being required.


If multiple poli poker Multihand hands are in play then only one will be received with the cards facing up, and the players’ remaining cards will stay in the face-down position in which they were dealt. Keeping a card is done by clicking it until the word hold appears on it, and players are able to select one; all five cards; or any amount in between. All of the held cards will be added to the players’other hands and any cards that have not been selected, including those in the players’ other hands, will be replaced with new ones. These will be dealt facing up, and payouts will be made for any combinations received according to the attached paytable.