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Capture The Excitement Of Moto GPCapture The Excitement Of Moto GP


Moto GP, or Grand Prix motorcycle racing, is the highest level of motorcycle racing that can be obtained and was established in 1949. The championship is currently divided into three categories by engine size, namely Moto GP, Moto 2 and Moto 3, with the first having the biggest engine size at 1000 cc.

Since the sports inception it has become one of the most popular motorcycle races to bet on, and generally sees excellent odds. With multiple teams and multiple riders competing in a single race, there are a variety of wagers that can be placed.

Betting Guide for Moto GP

Even though there are a wide variety of teams that compete on Moto GP level, any fanatic will tell you that not all riders are worth betting on, even if they see excellent odds. The three teams that are most worth betting on are Yahama, Honda and Ducati, with Yamaha being the most successful team over the last 5 years. Ducati hasn’t seen a championship win in the last 5 years, however they remain fearsome opponents.

With multiple races taking place over a championship season, players can hone their skills and decide over time which rider will be the most successful. Of course, as with any sport, there are no absolutes, and that’s what making sports betting so exhilarating. Even the most successful and popular-to-win riders can face devastating setbacks within a race, such an engine failure or tire problems, and the simplest of mistakes can see a rider losing multiple positions within a race.

Popular Crown Oaks betting wagers are on podium finishes as well as the Rider World Champion, but bets can be placed on even the simplest of game mechanics such as lap times.


Moto GP Sport Information

Moto GP uses purpose-built motorcycles that are not publically available to purchase, and which cannot legally be driven on public roads. In the decades since Moto GP was established, the sport has seen significant developments and improvements, particularly with regards to the manufacture of the bikes themselves. In the 1970s the maximum allowed engine capacity was 500 cc, but this has been increased over the years, and currently the maximum engine size is 1000 cc.

Multiple races take place over the course of a championship season, and the current season sees 18 races take place across 15 countries. Starting positions are determined by qualifying speed from highest to lowest, with the fastest time being in pole position.

Certain countries have also enjoyed more championship wins than any other, with Italy being the most successful to date with 75 title wins, thanks mostly to legendary riders such as Giacomo Agostini and Valentino Rossi.

History of Moto GP

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) was founded in 1949 and established the configuration for road racing which can still be seen today. The inaugural Moto GP championship took place in June of the same year at the Isle of Man TT event, in which Harold Daniell won the first even 500 cc race. Today Moto GP is no longer solely owed by FIM, but rather by a group of four entities. While FIM remain as the sport’s sanctioning body, Dorna Sports owns the commercial rights, and any changes have to be approved by all four parties including the International Road Racing Teams Association (IRTA) and Motorcycle Sport Manufacturers Association (MSMA).