An Introduction to Horse Racing’s Exotic BetsAn Introduction to Horse Racing’s Exotic Bets


Canadians love sport and many love to bet on sport too. Horse racing is one of the more popular sporting events to bet on and the internet has opened up a whole world of horse racing betting for fans as online sports books give them an opportunity to bet on any horse racing event around the world.

What’s more is that betting on the horses can be far more exciting than just betting on the horses to win. Many years ago the only horse racing bets included placing bets on horses to win, to place, to show and which horses would win the first two races on the day. Exotic bets now exist and make horse race betting more attractive because of the extra fun and thrills these bets bring.

What Makes Exotic Bets So Great

Horse racing bets are pretty standard with simply choosing one winner, one horse to place and so on but when it comes to exotic bets you have the opportunity to pick more than one horse on a ticket but all horses must fall into their chosen position for you to win big.

It is not always recommended for beginners to place these types of bets but with some basic knowledge and smart online horse betting australia, even beginners can be successful when it comes to exotic bets. Almost all of the online sports books that offer Canadians the opportunity to bet on horse races will have a selection of exotic bets. They are quite popular around the world with more than 60% of bettors opting for them.

The Different Forms of Exotic Bets

There are different types of exotic bets for single and multi-race options. The most common exotic bets for single races include Exacta bets, Quinella bets, Trifecta bets and Superfecta bets.

Exacta bets include betting on the horses to place first and second. Quinella bets include betting on the horses to place first and second in any order. Trifecta bets include placing a bet on the horses to finish first, second and third and then Superfecta bets include placing bets on the horses to finish first, second, third and fourth.

Common exotic bets in the multi-race option include Daily doubles, Pick 3 bet, Pick 4 bet and Pick 6 bet. The Daily Double bet is picking the horses to win two back to back races. The Pick 3, 4 and 6 bets involve picking the winners of three, four or six consecutive races. The Pick 6 bet is considered to be the hardest to achieve but the best in terms of pay out if you do actually win.

A wheels bet involves picking one horse to win and adding additional horses as the second placing horses. An example is to pick the winning horse and then selecting all of the other horses to place second or a selection of the other horses to place second if only taking a partial wheel bet.

A boxes bet is a bigger version of the Trifecta bet and involves picking the top three placing horses in every possible order that the three could possibly finish in.